Targeting the right audience is essential to the success of your direct mail program. Direct marketing experts believe that 40-60% of your programs success is based on the mailing list. Mailing to everyone in a 5-10 mile radius is a waste of your time, effort and money. Let AutoXpress Mail provide data that targets the prospects you want. Our pre-screening programs are designed to pinpoint the prospects that meet your desired criteria. We can then take it a step further and rank them on the likelihood of purchasing a vehicle.

AutoXpress Mail offers the best data

We are an authorized agent that provides direct access to national credit bureaus – not everyone can say this. We never compromise the quality of our data. When you purchase data from us, you can be confident that the data is fresh – we never reuse or resell outdated data. In addition, our data is fully FCRA compliance and we ensure that all regulations and compliance requirements are met in accordance with local and national laws.

Popular Data Attributes

AutoXpress Mail can target your prospects by age, income, gender, geography, home value, vehicle type, occupation – the list goes on and on. Our most popular attributes include:

  • FICO/Credit Score
  • Interest rate calculator
  • Auto in the market model

We are confident that the auto sales generated from using our data and mail programs will result in your best direct mail ROI!